What Our Clients Say About Us

Judith connected very well with our daughter, motivated her and gave her hope as she worked on to improve behavior and navigate her elementary school years with success.



Our son was struggling socially and behaviourally in a school where Ms. Epstein worked. Ms. Epstein took a personal interest in his success. She was so generous with her time, and her expertise, in helping our son cope with his struggles. Ms. Epstein provided behavioural therapy in a relaxed, non-judgemental manner that was very effective in the short-term, to get him back on track and participating with his class. It was also very helpful in the longer term, to teach him coping skills, and to help his socialization.

Longmeadow Parents


My husband and I are so impressed with the down-to-earth, positive, and caring demeanor of Ms. Epstein. She was instrumental in helping us and our son when he was going through a rough time at home and school. We had tried different tactics to no avail. Ms. Epstein took the time to really listen and then guide us. She was supportive and encouraging. She was one of the only ones to say that our child was not bad, rather he just had bad habits. Habits can be unlearned. We are so grateful to Ms. Epstein.

Thankful Parents


As a parent of a special needs child, you always have hope that you will send your child to a school where they will be understood and supported. Judi was that person for my child. She educated the school staff, worked closely with us as well as outside therapeutic personnel, and, most importantly, worked closely with my child to ensure that they felt safe, supported, and successful. They wouldn’t be the person they are today without Judi’s help. We will be forever grateful for her services.



Judi, or Ms. Judi as we like to call her, is nothing short of amazing. Our daughter is 7 years old and in the second grade. Before we met Ms. Judi our daughter was being " pulled out" for extra support in both reading and math. Immediately, Judi recognized some areas of need, mainly her self confidence and her inability to stick up for herself or "be kind to herself". These factors were impeding her academic success. Judi has been working with our daughter for 2-3 months. In that short amount of time we have noticed a significant change in our daughters confidence, attitude and ability when it comes to her school work/homework and navigating issues with her peers. Now that our daughter has caught up academically, and has the confidence and skills to help her navigate school and the social situations that arise, it is likely she will not be seeing Ms. Judi as frequent as she has been. However, Ms. Judi has encouraged us to stay in touch, so she can be a source of support for our daughter moving forward, should we see a need for her services in the future. We found Judi's offer to be 100% sincere and heartfelt, and look forward to sharing our daughters success with her, over the upcoming years.